Rigging Inspections
The simple truth — sailboat rigging does not last forever

Damage — Time, heat, humidity, salt, and harsh weather will damage sailboat rigging and hardware, including those made of stainless steel and aluminum.

Rule-of-thumb — under normal conditions, all rigging should be replaced every ten years.

Components — The following items and all related hardware are included in a standard inspection:

· Booms
· Cables
· Chainplates
· Compression post
· Electronics
· Furlers
· Hardware
· Lighting
· Mast butt
· Mast partners
· Mast step
· Masts
· Pole and car tracks
· Running rigging
· Sheaves
· Spreaders
· Terminal fittings
· Turnbuckles
Rigging Inspections

Visual Inspections — To identify potential problems before they occur, visual inspections of sailboat spars and rigging should be performed annually.

Pricing — $50 - $250* - Please call for an appointment.
* Service charges vary depending on location, size and type of vessel, and reporting requirements.